Organization Arrangement 


As of 19 March 2019, ROCB A/P has 8 full-time seconded staff members, 1 from China, 1 from Korea, 1 from Hong Kong, China, 2 from Japan (including Head of the ROCB A/P), and 3 from Thailand.


In addition, the representatives from New Zealand Customs Service and Australia Customs and Border Protection Services based in Bangkok provide regular support and assistance to the ROCB A/P’s activities.


The ROCB A/P appreciates the home administrations of the above-mentioned seconded staff members for their contributions to the ROCB A/P and the regional capacity building (CB) activities. The ROCB A/P would like to extend its profound appreciation to Japan Customs, Korea Customs Services and China Customs for providing financial support through their respective Customs Cooperation Funds (CCF/Japan, CCF/Korea and CCF/China respectively), which are the main sponsors for the CB activities conducted by the ROCB A/P. In addition, the ROCB A/P would like to express its special thanks to the Regional Vice Chair, the Regional Training Centers, our host administration, the Thai Customs Department, and development partners for their contributions in various forms.



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