Staff Updates

Welcome Mr. Jo, Hong-Young, our new colleague 
Dear Fellows,

I am Hong-Young JO from Korea Customs. It’s my pleasure and honor to be part in WCO ROCB A/P Team. 

Welcome Ms. Saori NOJIMA, our new colleague 
Dear, Readers

It is my great pleasure and honor to greet everyone as a new member of the ROCB/AP. My name is Saori Nojima, CCF/Japan Operation Manager and Program Manager for South Asia. 

Farewell Message from Mr. Takayuki Miyoshi 
June, 2017

Time flies. My four-year tenure with the ROCB A/P has been completed on 23rd June 2017. 

Farewell message from Mr. Kangsik Cho, 
June, 2017

I have been working here ROCB A/P for two years from 2015. I was able to successfully complete my work here thanks to the kind help of my ROCB colleagues and the active support of the Thai Customs Department. I would like to say thank you again for your sincere friendship. 

Welcome Ms. Eva, our new colleaque 
Dear fellows,

It’s my great pleasure and honor to introduce myself in this platform. 

Farewell message from Ms. Alpha Wong 
In 2015, Hong Kong Customs assigned this important mission to me as a WCO Technical Attaché in the ROCB A/P for two years. 

Welcome Mr. Tong Hua, our new colleaque 
Sawadi krap, I am Tong hua from China Customs. I am so glad to join in the prestigious WCO ROCB A/P team. 

Farewell to Mr. Dale Furse, Australian Border Force Attaché 
On 2 November 2016, Mr. Kazunari Igarashi, Head of the ROCB A/P, and his colleagues to bid farewell had a lunch together with Mr. Dale Furse, Australian Border Force Attaché, and thanked him for his continued support for the ROCB A/P’s activities 

Welcome Mr. Poonyawee Sroythong, our new colleaque 
19 September 2016, Bangkok, Thailand 

Farewell Message from Ms. Pariyabhat Ariyapongkoson or Khun “Ae” 
5 August 2016, Thailand 

Farewell to Mr. Cheng Jing 
Time flies. I have spent 4 year working with the ROCB A/P in Thailand. I have traveled to many places and made a lot of friends. 

Welcome Ms. Vareemon Chairungsrilert, our new colleaque 
12 May 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

Thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Vareemon Chairungsrilert 

Welcome Ms. Jate-arpa Benjaphong, our new colleaque 
2 March 2016,Bangkok, Thailand

Thank you so much to let me introduce myself. My name is Jate-arpa Benjaphong , nicknamed “Mai.” I worked at private companies for many years since I graduated the Bachelor Degree from Assumption University. 

Farewell for Ms. Narumon Siricharoenwat or Khun “Nok” 
29 February 2016, Bangkok, Thailand

Transfer of Ms. Narumon Siricharoenwat, Program Coordinator of the ROCB A/P, to the Thai Customs Academy. 

Welcome Ms. Chanakarn Songsiri, our new colleaque 
3 Febuary 2016,Bangkok, Thailand

It is my honor to introduce myself to you. My name is Chanakarn Songsiri or you can call me “Foam.” I am glad to work with ROCB A/P, which helps me develop positive interpersonal relations, and understand international standards and good practices. 

Fare well to Ms. Manita Sreeta or Khun "Pleng" 
15 October 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Return of Ms. Manita Sreeta, Program Coordinator of the ROCB A/P, to the Thai Customs Academy 

Farewell to Ms. Yotsawadee Trakonsup or Khun "Or" 
30 September 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Farewell to Ms. Yotsawadee Trakonsup, Program Coordinator of the ROCB A/P 

Welcome Ms. Narumon Siricharoenwat, our new colleaque 
22 September 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

I am Narumon Siricharoenwat. My nickname is Nok. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am presently working as Program Coordinator in ROCB A/P with having total of fourteen years of work experience in The Thai Customs Department. 

Welcome Mr. Kangsik CHO 
18 June 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

I am Kangsik Cho from Korea Customs Service and very glad to have a chance to introduce myself. Thanks to the warm welcome of the Thai Customs staff and office colleagues. 

Welcome Ms. Supatcha Supapant, an Internship Student from BMIR Program 
8 June 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

I am Supatcha Supapant. My nickname is Amp. I’m from the Combined Bachelor and Master of Political Science Program in Politics and International Relations (BMIR) Program, Thammasat University, Faculty of Political Science. 

Welcome Ms. Alpha Wong 
18 March 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Thanks for giving this valuable opportunity to introduce myself via ROCB A/P communication channel. I am Alpha Wong from Hong Kong Customs. My secondment to the ROCB A/P has been started from 18 March 2015 and it will last for two years. On the first day I arrived Bangkok, I was so grateful to the warmest greetings from Thai Customs and ROCB A/P colleagues at the Suvarnabhumi Airport. It really gave me a wonderful feeling and a great start in a new environment. 

Farewell Message from Mr. S. K. Lee 
18 March 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Now I think it's about time I have to say good-bye to all of you. Good-bye is a good thing, if not it would be said bad-bye or sorrow-bye. So I'd love to say good-bye to you or hear from you good-bye too. But I suppose there would be several requirements if we can say good-bye to each other when we leave. 

Farewell Message from Mr. James K W Wong 
18 March 2015, Bangkok, Thailand

Time flies. I have spent two years in Bangkok, Thailand working for the ROCB A/P. I have met many people and flown to many different places to attend capacity building events. I think these two years will be the most wonderful part of my life. 

Welcome Ms. Manita Sreeta, Our new staff 
Hello colleagues,

It is my pleasure to introduce myself to everyone. I am Manita Sreeta. My nickname is Pleng. I graduated from Thammasat University, a law school in Bangkok, Thailand in the year 2012 and decided to change my career path to be a Customs officer. I have been with Thai Customs for a year now and have been given an opportunity to work at the Customs Academy. 

Farewell Message from Ms. Ben Chamkrom 
Time really flies. Looking back after almost 3 years of working in the international environment with ROCB A/P, I feel how lucky I have been. I’ve learned a lot from this challenging job. I’ve had an enjoyable experience in both work and life with my wonderful colleagues in ROCB A/P office and friends in A/P. We started as colleagues, then became friends and then became family. I’ve gained not only customs-professional-related knowledge but also great experiences and memories. 

Welcome Mr. Brian Lamb from New Zealand Customs Service 
Mr. Brian Lamb has 41 years Customs experience with the New Zealand Customs Service and has worked in a variety of operational work areas, primarily in the investigative and tactical response fields.

In recent years Brian has been the Operations Manager, Investigations and Response. In this role Brian held overall responsibility for the investigation of offences under the Customs and Excise Act and the Misuse of Drugs Act. 

Welcome the New Head of ROCB A/P 
Dear readers,

It is my great pleasure and honor to extend my greetings from Bangkok for the first time as the new Head of the ROCB A/P for the next 5 years succeeding Mr. Yoshihiro Kosaka. Indeed, I have quite big shoes to fill. 

Farewell Message from Mr. David Haigh, a New Zealand Attache in Bangkok 
One of the success stories for Customs is the work of the Asia Pacific ROCB and it has been my pleasure to work with them over the last three years. Yoshi Kosaka, and his excellent and friendly staff, are extremely active and play a significant and ever expanding role in developing Customs administrations in the region. I have been particularly pleased to note more recently their readiness to engage more closely with Customs administrations in the Pacific – an area of particular importance to New Zealand Customs. 

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