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Regional Training Centers (RTCs)


With a view to better coordinating the region’s capacity building and technical assistance programs being delivered in response to the needs and priorities raised by the regional members, the WCO takes so-called “regionalization approach” as part of its capacity building strategy. The ROCB A/P is part of the regional infrastructure and acts as the focal point to this end. In addition, for better use of the region’s resources, the WCO established the WCO Regional Training Center (RTCs) where the regionally relevant and adapted training and technical assistance programs are delivered under the coordination of the ROCB A/P.


There are 10 RTCs in the A/P region. These are in China, Fiji, Hong Kong China, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand (in alphabetical order). The ROCB A/P works very closely with these RTCs in organizing the regional seminars/workshops.


For further information on the WCO’s regionalization approach and the roles of the RTCs, please visit the WCO website at: WCO Regional Training Centers

RTCs Links
1. China



2. Fiji



3. Hong Kong, China



4. India

5. Indonesia

6. Iran


7. Japan



8. Korea


9. Malaysia



10. Thailand


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